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Jasmine Merdan/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — New — though limited — data released on Wednesday morning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that people who haven’t been vaccinated against monkeypox were 14 times more likely to get infected than vaccinated people. The data is drawn from people who were eligible for a monkeypox […]

Carol Yepes/Getty Images, FILE (WASHINGTON) — Citing concerns about the lingering and sometimes debilitating long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the body — and observed inequities amongst minority patients suffering disproportionately from the virus — medical experts on “long COVID” issued the first guidance of its kind to diagnose and treat the mysterious illness. Experts at […]

EMS-FORSTER-PRODUCTIONS/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — When COVID-19 vaccines became widely available, some women reported changes in the timing and length of their menstrual cycles after getting vaccinated. Now, nearly two years later, a global study has confirmed that COVID-19 vaccination can lead to temporary changes in cycle length for some people. The study, published in […]

ABC News (NEW YORK) — Katie Couric is speaking out after being diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. The 65-year-old journalist revealed in a personal essay on her website that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, and has since undergone surgery and radiation to treat the disease. Couric, a mother of two, […]

Icy Macload/Getty Images (WITCHITA FALLS, TX) — A Texas mom is speaking out after her daughter died earlier this month following a suspected opioid overdose. Experts involved in the case believe that fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, might be to blame. Silvia Martinez of Wichita Falls, Texas, told “Good Morning America” that she wanted to share […]

Yuki Iwamura/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — After weeks of rising cases, the monkeypox outbreak appears to be significantly slowing down in the United States. As of Sept. 21, the latest date for which data is available, the seven-day case average was 197, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is a 50% drop from the […]

fstop123/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — More than 32,000 young patients newly diagnosed with cancer now live in states that have imposed or have impending abortion restrictions, according to a new study published Monday in The Lancet Oncology. Because many life-saving cancer treatments harm future fertility, many teens and young adults with cancer decide to freeze […]

Massimiliano Finzi/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Most children in the United States have returned to school for the year as districts aim to bring kids back to a setting that resembles the pre-pandemic normal. Masks are now optional in most classrooms and, last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it was no […]

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Courtesy of Nick Orr (NEW YORK) — Every day at the start of his classes, Nick Orr, a high school science teacher in Nevada, said he checks in with his students about their mental health. It’s a practice Orr said he began doing after his own brother Anthony died by suicide shortly after graduating high […]

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