Jang Seung Jo’s Team Experiences An Startling Problems In “The Good Detective 2”

Written by on September 23, 2022

JTBC’s “The Good Detective 2” has actually discussed an appealing preview of its own forthcoming episode!

The very initial time of “The Good Detective” starring Son Hyun Joo, Jang Seung Jo, as well as Lee Elijah was actually about the practical lifestyles of authorities detectives in their journey towards reveal the honest truth as well as their disagreements along with those that attempt to hide it.

In the 2nd time, Son Hyun Joo as well as Jang Seung Jo reprise their roles as Kang Carry out Chang as well as Oh Ji Hyuk. as well as the good detectives of the Violent Crimes Team 2 make use of merely the honest truth towards go competing with enthusiastic villains that intercross the collection.


The Violent Crimes Team 2 eventually captured the awesome behind the “white colored dress serial murders.” Having said that, in the center of the examination, they discovered that the 4th prey Jung Hee Joo (Shin Ha Youthful) is actually a completely different case. Jung Hee Joo made use of to become component of TJ Group’s lawful team, as well as she was actually elaborately entailed along with the company’s high-ranking authorities. This brought about the discovery that she may be connected to the attack case of Kim Min Ji (Baek Sang Hee) that Woo Tae Ho (Jung Moon Sung) aimed to hide considering that it entailed his brother-in-law Cheon Sang Woo (Choi Dae Hoon).

The freshly launched stills show the Violent Crimes Team 2 passionately leaping right in to yet another examination. Having said that, the surprised appears on their experiences raise stress and anxiousness, as well as Kang Carry out Chang, Oh Ji Hyuk, Kwon Jae Hong (Cha Rae Hyung), as well as Shim Dong Wook (Kim Myung Joon) race in the direction of one thing along with stunned appears on their experiences. Ji Male Goo (Jung Quickly Won) gets on the ground hemorrhaging, as well as Kang Carry out Chang seems to be to become in excessive stress setting.

The development team hinted that the Violent Crimes Team 2 are going to take place an electrifying go after in the forthcoming episode towards locate the vital towards the Jung Hee Joo case. They included, “In the procedure, an unpredicted problems are going to develop. Feel free to see towards find if they’ll get over this, arrest Ki Dong Jae (Lee Suk), as well as figure out who’s behind [this case].”

The upcoming episode of “The Good Detective 2” are going to sky on August twenty at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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