Four years after the shooting of #PhilandoCastile, #Minnesota is going through another racially related death with the murder of #GeorgeFloyd.  After representing the Castile family, Judge Glenda Hatchett speaks on the difference between the two cases and ways to handle yourself while dealing with officers. See more at the! * * * […]

#KillerMike talks about his thoughts on the recent events and what the black community should do. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Eva Marcille explains why she will no longer be apart of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Detective Chris Anderson joins the show to share five tips on driving while black.  See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

After recently going viral sharing her theory of the black experience to the board game monopoly, activist and author #KimberlyJones talks about how black people should get justice.  See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Co-Founder Dyana Williams talks about how Black Music Month was founded and how the music industry is fighting the fight for Black Lives Matter. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

There’s nothing like gumbo from New Orleans, here’s the recipe! See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

#RoJames talks about his new album #Mantic and the influence of gospel music in his career. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

#DavidBanner discusses #GeorgeFloyd and the black community. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Dr. Myrna Dartson speaks on the psychological impact of social distancing and how to combat feeling alone if you’re struggling.  See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

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