Bernice Jenkins got your #ChurchAnnouncements, and one of her announcements is about the Gospel stage play, “Jesus Be A Kickstand, Because The Lord Knows I Need Something To Lean On.” 😂😂😂😂 SUBSCRIBE MORE VIDEOS WEBSITE FOLLOW Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #RickeySmiley source

Here goes our March 4th show… ❏ Praise Break With Pastor @Frederick Haynes ❏ Front Page With @Eva Marcille, Rock-T & @Gary With Da Tea ❏ @DABRATTV’s Hot Spot #1 ❏ Special K’s News You Can’t Use ❏ Gary’s Tea #1 ❏ Wake Up Calls ❏ Church In 60 Seconds With Pastor Fred ❏ @Black […]

Moses Robinson/WireImageIt’s been over four years since Keyshia Cole released her last album, 11:11, and it looks like we may be waiting even longer for her next. While fans on Twitter were praising Keyshia’s vocals on her new single, “I Don’t Want to Be In Love,” the Grammy-nominated R&B singer made a shocking declaration regarding her music career. “I’m retiring,” tweeted Keyshia.  In another tweet, […]

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