Kodak Black shares plans to stop performing one of his hit songs

Written by on July 5, 2024

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Kodak Black has been taking fans along on his sobriety journey, and in a recent update, he revealed he’d no longer be performing one of his hit songs. Taking to Instagram Live, he shared he’s removing “Super Gremlin” from his set lists, as it includes a line about go.

“I’m about to stop performing ‘Super Gremlin,’ period,” he said. “I hate that lil’ s***. I’m sober for the most part. … And I say this, like, around my people them so they know … that [it’s] serious. I could talk about it now. You feel me? For the most part bro I be sober, brother.”

“Like Batman, I couldn’t have waited ’til, like, Saturday [to take drugs]. Now, I can wait a few days … I’m proud of myself. I ain’t saying I couldn’t have; it was just like a n**** was scared to be sober,” he continued. He added he hopes he could inspire others dealing with substance abuse, saying, “That’s motivation for n***** to feel like if the Gremlin could do it … y’all could do it.”

The “Super Gremlin” lyric Kodak was referring to is: “I knew the Perc’ was fake, but I still ate it ‘cause I’m a gremlin.”

At a recent concert, he said “it’s sad” that “the bar came to mind so quick” and explained that at one point, he was “chewing 100 Percs a day … average like 40.”

“If I was f****** with them fake s****, bruh, I’d have been dead,” he continued. “Bruh, I say that, I’m explaining myself now. I don’t want y’all to hear that and take that and feel like it’s oOK to do that s***, ya feel me?”

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