Lenny Green / On Air Personality

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He has proven that his love for music has made him one of the best in the broadcast industry, receiving Billboard Magazine’s 1999 Air Personality of the Year Award. Outside of radio, some other things that Lenny has a love for is acting, cross-country skiing, playing tennis and encouraging children to pursue their dreams.






What is your all time favorite R&B Song?
“Summer Madness”, by Kool and The Gang!


What’s your favorite Book?
“Dreams” by Les Brown


What was your greatest accomplishment?
Becoming a Radio Personality in the city that I was born and raised, because not everyone gets that chance.


What should people know about you?
That I’m “crazy” cool, down to earth and I enjoy life!


Who inspired you?
My mom. She not only inspired but encouraged me and still does to this day!


What was your first job?
I was a bike mechanic in a sporting goods store!

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