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IMAGINESTOCK/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — With young under 5 now the only group not yet eligible for vaccination against COVID-19, many parents have been vocal about their frustration pertaining to the delayed authorization process and rollout. However, a new KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor survey has found that less than a fifth of parents with children […]

Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images (NEW YORK) — An unprecedented leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion on abortion is putting a new spotlight on what could happen if the court overturns Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that made abortion a federally protected right in the United States. The document, obtained by Politico, shows […]

Johner Images/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — In the sun-baked 66 miles between Tucson and Nogales at the Arizona-Mexico border, there’s only one place that’s able to provide the intensive, hands-on care so many patients need after they leave the hospital: Santa Rita Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. But since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, providing that kind […]

ABC News (NEW YORK) — As the country music world mourns the loss of Naomi Judd, the legendary singer is being remembered for the way she spoke publicly about her battle with mental health, opening up about a struggle that is often kept private. Judd’s death at the age of 76 was announced Saturday by […]

Gado/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Moderna’s bid for FDA authorization for its two-dose vaccine for children comes with lower efficacy against infection than previous vaccines, but the company and some experts say it will offer strong protection against illness from tougher strains like Omicron. The pharmaceutical company submitted the request on Thursday to the Food and […]

Maria Rodriguez (NEW YORK) — Jojo Branch-Rodriguez, a 12-year-old boy who is on the autistic spectrum, was never a fan of fruits and vegetables. He struggled to eat foods like broccoli and avocado. That was then. Now, Sensory Cooking, a Phoenix-based nonprofit that works with people on the spectrum to combat sensory overload through cooking, […]

Darrin Klimek/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — A Colorado inmate is the first person in the United States to test positive for bird flu as an ongoing outbreak in the country continues to affect birds and poultry. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said the man, […]

David Prahl / EyeEm/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — We’ve long been told that 8 hours is the magic number when it comes to the amount of sleep we should be getting. But that may not be the case for everyone. A new study suggests that 7 hours of sleep is the optimal amount for middle- […]

Kristyn Hodgdon (NEW YORK) — Kristyn Hodgdon is a professional writer, voracious reader, and proud mom of IVF twins. After her own battle with infertility, Hodgdon co-founded Rescripted, a media platform for fertility, providing technology tools and resources for wherever you are on your family-building journey. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but when my husband […]

Alicia Llop/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — The number of ways in which climate change is predicted to affect human life and vitality continues to increase. Scientists now believe that global warming will significantly increase the number of viral transmissions across species in the coming decades, therefore posing further risk to other animals and humans of […]

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