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ABC News (NEW YORK) — It’s the first day of fourth grade for Yara Valerio. As her mother, Emma Mercado, packs her lunch in the kitchen, Yara is finishing up her remaining summer school homework in their New York City apartment. In a few minutes, they will walk hand-in-hand to P.S. 123 Mahalia Jackson School […]

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Coolpicture/Getty Images/STOCK (NEW YORK) — Even as healthcare professionals battle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 300 Americans dying each day on average from the virus, doctors nationwide are raising awareness about the growing epidemic of suicide within their ranks. Saturday, Sept. 17, is National Physician Suicide Awareness Day. It’s a day marking a sobering […]

Cheyenne Haslett/ABC News To optimize protection ahead of another pandemic winter, White House COVID coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha said Friday people should consider getting the newly-updated COVID-19 booster before Halloween. The sooner the better, Jha said, urging people to get a booster between mid-September and mid-October, “but no later than the end of October for […]

The Washington Post via Getty Images, FILE (NEW YORK) — Weeks after a trigger ban criminalizing providing abortions went into effect in Tennessee, doctors told ABC News the ban created fear, confusion, anxiety and stress among patients and providers. Physicians from different parts of the state are pushing back against claims made by lawmakers, including […]

ABC (NEW YORK) — Of all the planning that comes with being a new mom, one woman hadn’t planned for a surprise diagnosis of a neurological condition – just weeks before her due date. Now, she’s on a journey to spread awareness of Bell’s palsy, a neurological condition that causes temporary facial paralysis or weakness […]

Bloomberg via Getty Images (NEW YORK) — Although reported COVID-19 case levels in the U.S. are still falling after a viral resurgence over the summer, there are preliminary indicators that infection rates may be back on the rise across the country. In recent weeks, federal data has shown that the number of U.S. wastewater sites […]

ABC News (NEW YORK) — Lawmakers are seeking to limit the sale of diet pills and weight loss supplements to children with the introduction of new bills in California and New York. The bills in California and New York would prohibit retailers from selling dietary supplements for weight loss and over-the-counter diet pills to anyone […]

Wardle Family (NEW YORK) — A 10-year-old boy is on a mission to make life easier for the 37.7 million Americans who suffer from diabetes. Jameson Wardle was 5 years old when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a chronic disease in which the insulin-making cells in the pancreas are destroyed, forcing a person […]

SONGPHOL THESAKIT/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — It has been more than two and half years since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite a return to a new form of normality for many people across the country, there are still hundreds of Americans dying from the virus every day, a grim reality of the […]

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